Independent Media


As Publisher
The Scientopia logo, an S crafted from the pythagorean theorem.


Founded in 2009, Scientopia, LLC is a publishing platform and member-driven collective facilitating open science communication and editorial freedom.

The LadyBits logo, an L and B crafted in the fashion of a pilcrow.


Founded in 2013, LadyBits is a members-only writing collective for tech-savvy women publishing in partnership with legacy media brands.

The Egg logo, an obsidian egg floating in a sky of Magritte clouds.

The Egg

The Egg is an invite-only newsletter and quarterly zine featuring flash fiction, fictocriticism, and Gonzo journalism penned by pseudonymous authors.

As author
The Millikan Daily logo, in typewriter font with a parrot sitting on the “y”

The Millikan Daily is my personal Wordpress blog launched in 2008. The title is a play off of my college newspaper and first journalistic foray, The Michigan Daily. In 2020 I pulled the public archives offline. In 2022 relaunched the site in a redesigned, curated format featuring a limited number of selected posts.

The Beacon Reader logo

In 2015, I decided to blog my way around the world publishing via one of the first newsletter subscription platforms, Beacon Reader. Beacon raised over $1M for independent journalism from over 20,000 donors. Beacon closed its doors in 2016, but archives of my newsletters are available on The Millikan Daily.

The TinyLetter logo

In 2016, after Beacon Reader folded, I imported my subscriber list into TinyLetter, a platform I had previously used to publish the LadyBits Download. I called it "The Millikan Every Three Weekly,” a play off the title of my own blog and my university’s satirical publication, The Every Three Weekly.

The Substack logo

In 2018 I launched a newsletter called “Paradise in Hell” on Substack. Unfortunately, the platform and its founders failed to live up to expectations in many ways and I ceased all publications there in 2019. Substack still owes me $33.85 in fees accrued due to a botched cessation of recurring subscriptions.

The Revue logo

In 2020 I began using Revue as an alternative to Substack. I had high hopes for this platform, which coincided with a job offer to join the team. Unfortunately the platform wound up being shit and the CEO was an even bigger dipshit than Substack’s. I published 10 posts there and left. Nobody uses it anymore.

The logo

In 2022 I rejoiced over the fact that Ghost, the dark horse, open source platform I had been rooting for in the independent newsletter software arena, had pulled ahead in the race after a mass exodus from Substack predictably occurred. I completed the Ghost Creator program in June and am an official referrer.