Arikia Millikan is an American-born writer based in New York City and Berlin. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LadyBits®, Publisher of Scientopia (a science blogging collective), and author of the forthcoming book, Hell in Paradise. Formerly she was an editor at, Technical Projects Manager of ScienceBlogs, and served as Research Assistant to Nate Silver during the production of the New York Times #1 best-selling book, The Signal and the Noise. She has traveled to 38 countries and would like to visit the rest as well. Her journalistic writing focuses on the art of narrative profiling and how technology is impacting the future of humanity. Her creative writing blends memoir and science fiction to take the reader on journeys into worlds they never before imagined. She is also a parrot trainer.

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breaking through

Arikia founded LadyBits® in 2013 to promote literary talent that was slipping through the cracks because of industry-wide misogyny. What began as a rejected pitch at WIRED grew to be a collective of over 100 science and technology writers publishing articles that reached millions of readers worldwide. The premise of LadyBits was simple: women were just as interested in technology as men, despite the industry-wide belief that tech was a man's topic. Five years later, the LadyBits ripple in the publishing industry has spread far beyond the original collective and continues to grow.


science & tech Journalism

As the first Editorial Community Manager and youngest ever editor of WIRED, Arikia recruited and edited thousands of contributions to the site and interfaced with hundreds of writers. Her journalistic work over the years has focused on biomedical engineering, post-disaster infrastructure technology, DIY-tech and narrative profiling of industry leaders. Her writing has appeared in VICE//Motherboard, The Atlantic, The Verge, Gizmodo, Popular Science, Psychology Today, and more. Her specializations include: analytical writing, technical writing, long-form feature writing, ghostwriting, immersive reporting, disaster correspondence, and character profiling.




Science blogging

Arikia co-founded Scientopia® in 2009 and was appointed Publisher of Scientopia, LLC by unanimous member vote in 2016. Through her role and her prior role at, she has supported the greater science blogging community in maintaining open standards, financial independence, and editorial freedom.



Reformatting online publishing


The Signal and the Noise


Project of a lifetime

As Nate Silver’s research assistant for The Signal and the Noise, Arikia was instrumental in arranging and participating in interviews with the sources included in the book. She accompanied Nate all over the United States and provided input in the portions of the book focusing on science and technology.

Thank you to my research assistant, Arikia Millikan, who provided boundless enthusiasm for the book, and whose influence is reflected in its keen interest in science and technology.
— Nate Silver

reader-funded writing


In 2013, Arikia left the comfort of her life in NYC and began a series of travels that would eventually take her to over 35 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. She funded her travels primarily by selling subscriptions to her writing. She currently lives in Berlin, where she is researching the path forward for online journalism and preparing for the release of her first book. You can continue to support Arikia in her creative endeavors by subscribing to her newsletter. Fill out the contact form to request an invitation.

I once told a friend I wanted to be a foreign correspondent. He replied: So go somewhere foreign and correspond.
— Arikia Millikan



story in a bottle

“Arikia Millikan is a journalist and entrepreneur with a resume that boasts digitizing traditionally print-centric brands. It’s a career that’s given her a fair share of behind-the-scenes experiences with the epidemic that’s overtaking the industry – the continued and steepening uphill battle of maintaining the right motivation in the world of news and content." -Dan Marcone


dialogue up! Podcast

While accepting an award at her alma mater, Arikia recorded a podcast for University of Michigan’s Program on Intergroup Relations.


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