Hi, I’m Arikia.

Arikia Millikan, journalist

I’m an American journalist and editorial strategist living in Berlin. After studying biomedical engineering and psychology at the University of Michigan, I moved to NYC to cut my teeth with the best of the best. My journalistic work showcases my dedication to deep research and the art of the interview, bringing a humanistic perspective to topics at the intersection of technology and the human mind. My journalistic training taught me to ask the right questions and seek answers from direct sources to uncover what lies beyond the surface of the apparent.

In the private sector, I thrive while scrutinizing complexity and unblocking communication sticking points that occur when specialists are tasked with conveying information to a general audience. My client roster includes founders and thought leaders from fields such as biotechnology, venture capital, telemedicine, teletherapy, femtech, cybersecurity, and mixed reality media.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany and have traveled to 40 countries. I favor clients who are interested in locating the root causes of their editorial production problems and are willing to take steps to adjust organizational misalignments in order to achieve higher levels of editorial quality and output.

editorial consulting for BRANDS

Say what you mean if you mean what you say
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information architecture

I provide assessments of your content archives and advice on (re)structuring, personalization, and new tooling.

Hammer and wrench.


Based on your strategic goals, I create innovative content strategies and oversee the implementation.

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Operational Leadership

I recruit, assemble, and train stellar content teams within any budget and organizational constellation.

JOURNALISM and publishing

Fifteen years of global editorial experience
Daruma dolls from the Daruma temple in Kyoto which signify wishes that have come true.

legacy media

Formerly based in New York City, I worked with leaders in digital publishing from Conde Nast, Vice, Vox, Sussex Publishers, The Atlantic, and more to produce world-class content.

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independent media

From Iceland to Japan, I traveled the world while embodying the membership model of self-publishing, catering to a curated distribution network of scholars, artists, and publishers.

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