I am an American-born writer of Haitian, Ukranian, and Native American descent, currently based in Berlin after having traveled around the world a few times. My journalistic writing focuses on the art of narrative profile and how science and technology are impacting the future of humanity. I have worked in every sector of publishing from intern to EIC to publisher, and am currently immersed in the production of a novel. I am not accepting new editorial clients. For speaking engagements and other invitations, please use the contact form above.



breaking through

I founded LadyBits in 2013 to promote literary talent that was slipping through the cracks because of industry-wide misogyny. What began as a rejected pitch at WIRED grew to be a collective of over 100 science and technology writers publishing articles that reached millions of readers worldwide. The premise of LadyBits was simple: we knew that women were just as interested in technology as men, despite the industry-wide belief that tech was a man's topic. Five years later, the LadyBits ripple in the publishing industry has spread far beyond the original collective. But our work is far from done.



Redefining the art of self-publishing


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As the youngest editor of WIRED, my journalistic work focused on biomedical engineering, post-disaster infrastructure technology, DIY-tech and narrative profiling of industry leaders. My writing has also appeared in VICE//Motherboard, The Atlantic, The Verge, Gizmodo, Popular Science, Psychology Today, and more. I specialize in analytical, technical, long-form feature writing, ghostwriting, immersive reporting, disaster correspondence, character profiling, and more.


reader-funded writing


In 2013, I set off on the journey of a lifetime. With the support of readers like you, I traveled to over 35 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, writing my way around the world. I currently live in Berlin, where I am researching the path forward for online journalism and penning a sci-fi memoir based on my journeys. You can continue to support me my creative endeavors by contributing to my Patreon:

I once told a friend I wanted to be a foreign correspondent. He replied: So go somewhere foreign and correspond.
— Arikia Millikan

Podcast: Story in a Bottle

"The most successful founders, venture capitalists, designers, etc. have fascinating stories behind their success."

"Arikia Millikan

is a journalist and entrepreneur with a resume that boasts digitizing traditionally print-centric brands. It’s a career that’s given her a fair share of behind-the-scenes experiences with the epidemic that’s overtaking the industry – the continued and steepening uphill battle of maintaining the right motivation in the world of news and content."


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