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Writing & Editing
National Geographic logo

Founded in 1888 and the winner of 25 National Magazine Awards, National Geographic is one of the most read magazines of all time. In 2021 I joined their extraordinary league of global writers to dive into a topic near and dear to my local community here in Berlin: Clubkultur and the electronic music scene. (More)

Wired logo

As an editor at Wired, I illuminated how technology is shaping the future. In 2010 I joined the team at Condé Nast headquarters in NYC to report on technological and infrastructure solutions in post-earthquake Haiti. I went on to expand my coverage to include DIY tech, science, and military. (More)

Vice logo

After launching LadyBits in 2015, I partnered with Motherboard, Vice’s science and technology imprint, to publish a series called Bodies of the Future. Our coverage took a deep dive into historically taboo topics like male birth control, to the history of the IUD, abortion technology, and infant male circumcision. (More)

The Verge logo

As a contributor to The Verge, I focused on weird science. Most notably, I chronicled the historical expedition which successfully captured the giant squid on video for the first time, orchestrated in collaboration with Discovery, Japanese television company NHK, and Ray Dalio. (More)

The Atlantic logo

For The Atlantic’s “50 Years of Cyborgs” series, I wrote an article highlighting an interview Nate Silver and I conducted with Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian. In the interview, Varian speculated on the prospect of a Google Brain Implant, which embarrassingly enough seemed appealing to me at the time. (More)

Psychology Today logo

In 2009 I worked as a *paid* intern at Psychology Today in NYC, focusing primarily on the company’s ever-expanding blog network and writing articles for the magazine. In 2018, I was featured the print edition of the magazine in an article about how people relate to their physical spaces . (More)

Michigan Daily logo

In 2006, I began my journalism career at The Michigan Daily, the flagship, student-run daily newspaper of The University of Michigan. There, I singlehandedly revived the science news section, focusing on hot-button topics like stem cell research, climate change, and the looming prospect of a pandemic. (More)